You Can Learn Anything

By 19 de agosto de 2014English, Maker Movement

I`ve always had the feeling that we could learn anything. When we are very young, we can learn as many languages as we are exposed to. If we practice enough we can develop skills that might be extremelly useful to our society and community. So, why don`t we start promoting learning spaces that trigger curiosity and motivate people to come to inspiring solutions to the too many problems that our world face today? I was watching a TED Talk by Paulo Blikstein and something he says makes us think:

I wonder what would happen if instead of waking up everyday and going to school to learn another formula, kids would  go to school to invent something new, everyday a new invention, a new idea? And I wonder what would happen with the country that would do it first.

It rests upon the shoulder of our kids to solve the problems that our world face today, and there are many educators willing to make a difference and innovate. So, it is the perfect time to join efforts, establish partnerships to guarantee that our children go to school and get inspired and empowered to think differently and become very creative people to face the challenges of a fast-changing world.

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