The Invention of the Electric Guitar

By 31 de agosto de 2015Smithsonian

CTJ-Music-Month (1)
Libraries in the USA nowadays are dynamic learning spaces where participants have the chance to explore, get curious, and experiment. Casa Thomas Jefferson Resource Centers are in sync with the movement, and August was time to celebrate music – a very lively concept of the American Culture. We at Casa Thomas Jefferson prepared a program with rich resources from the Smithsonian Institution to explore new concepts, engage in dynamic activities, and learn new skills. As people approached the Resource centers at Casa Thomas Jefferson, they could watch a short video from the Smithsonian Institution called “Invention of Electric Guitar” that explores concepts of entrepreneurship as it shows how the process of amplifying the sound of a guitar involved many inventors and musicians working together  to develop, design, and popularize a louder instrument.

Collaboration was in the air as participants had to work in groups  to face some cool challenges specially designed for them, and many people did just that. People also had the change to be wowed by some innovative apps and Technologies while listening to great music. Check some examples out: In the activity Diving into Music, people could experiment with Google Cardboards and experience musical legends perform in VR (virtual reality). Do you have any idea what song matches your heartbeat? In The Rythm of Your Heart Participants could check their heartbeat and listen to a song with a similar beat. Cool, right? But, one of the nicest ones was called The Cup Song Challenge in which Students could watch interesting videos and face the Cup Song Challenge, which is very popular in the USA. Feeling musical and innovative yet? We surely hope so and invite you to come in September to more interesting programs.

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