Earth Day – Maker Activities

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This semester as we started a new group of English Access
Microscholarship Program students we decided to add a maker twist to our
regular enhancement activities. It was close to Earth Day, which is celebrated
on the 22nd of April. Therefore, the idea we had was to raise
environmental awareness and explore recycling as a gesture of kindness to our
mother planet. To prepare for the activity we asked students to bring
recyclable material from their homes and some of us, teachers, also brought
things to guarantee we would have plenty and varied raw material to work
On the day of the activity, Friday April 17th, we
first showed our groups a power point presentation that gave them some
information on the impact humans have on the environment. Besides that, they
also saw a short movie (from Uzoo) about some endangered species. Both the movie and the
power point presentation was followed by comprehension activities. Next, we
talked about recycling and
displayed pictures of some objects that had been
made with recyclable material. Finally, students were taken to a large room in
which we prepared a big table that had  glue, scissors, and other materials we
believed students might need to craft their recycled objects.
They were really
excited when they got there and saw the challenge lying ahead. They immediately
grabbed things and started working.  Some
of them worked in groups of four or three, there were duos, and some others
went solo. No matter how they paired up, they always exchanged ideas and shared

The outcome was a variety of useful concoctions ranging from
pencil holders, to toys, to plastic

airplanes. Students learned lots about
recycling and also that they can create things using thing that we many times
we throw in the trash and nature takes
years to decompose.