Brasília Dribbble Meet Up

By 17 de abril de 2016American Spaces, Maker Movement

 Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 7.53.28 PMBrasília Dribbble Meetup is one of the many self – organized get togethers around the world, where designers, fashion designers, engineers, architects,  hobbits, enthusiasts, and makers of all kinds meet to connect and strengthen local communities. The event was held at UnB – Brasilia`s Federal University  and aimed at fostering creativity among participants and sharing projects related to  STEAM topics among UnB`s students.

Casa Thomas Jefferson`s Mobile Makerspace and Protipe – Unb`s very own makerspace held a maker showcase together and invited participants to talk about innovation at the Casa, interdisciplinary projects, and the  range of activities that might be held at CTJ Makerspace – a dedicated area at Asa Norte Branch soon  to be inaugurated. See more of global network platform Dribbble, and more of CTJ Mobile Maker  showcases


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